Rob "New Style Architect" Brink talks to SimArchitect

New Style Architect (Rob Brink) is a major contributor to the exchange. He started the Club of Dutch Architects to showcase dutch buildings on the exchange.

"I get my inspiration from all kind of sources"

SimArchitect: You have a wide selection of buildings (the exchange finds 184 under the name "newstylearchitect"). Where do you get your inspiration for all these buildings?
New Style Architect: I get my inspiration from all kind of sources, from buildings I've seen on my vacation, pictures I found on the web, and sometimes my imagination.

SimArchitect: A large number of these buildings are towers (or high-rises). Do you prefer to make taller buildings?
New Style Architect: Not at all! Smaller buildings are also great to make! but if I search on the web I usually find more tall buildings than small buildings.

"I did it with special paints I found on buildings"

SimArchitect: How do you create those reflection, shadow and lighting effects which appear on many of your buildings?
New Style Architect: I did it with special paints I found on buildings from other architects, and I just started to experiment with it. I still do, actually.

SimArchitect: How did you figure out how to do it?
New Style Architect: Just look at how other architects do their buildings, and when you found out, just try to make your own, new style!

SimArchitect: Have you tried creating any SC3URKs?
New Style Architect: Yes, I've tried it with some buildings from other games, and SC3URK is really funny to work with! You know the industries in Railroad Tycoon? I have a huge load of them standing in my cities!

SimArchitect: Can people download your buildings somewhere other than the exchange?
New Style Architect: Yes, I have one building at Freeland and I am cooperating with Robster, from Robsters Sim Games. I am going to put some really exclusive stuff there in the future!

"there's a building I've spent 5 hours on and it's still not finished"

SimArchitect: How did you come up with the idea for "club of dutch architects"?
New Style Architect: Well, it suprised me how many good Dutch architects there were on Simcity, and I thought maybe we can come together to show the world that the Netherlands isn't as small as it looks :-)

SimArchitect: How many people are currently a part of it?
New Style Architect: With me, Roopanop, Dullemond, Pascalpas, and Vanderaap are in. And we would like to contact Peycke, but we don't have his mailing adres. Let's hope he reads this! :-)

SimArchitect: How much time do you devote to making buildings and to the SimWorld in general?
New Style Architect: There's a great variety in how much time I spend to make a building. Sometimes only 30 minutes, but there's a building I've spent 5 hours on and it's still not finished!

SimArchitect: Finally..... what do you do in the "real world"?
New Style Architect: I'm still a student. I go to school in my hometown, Smilde. It's my last year here, then I have to travel about 20 KM's to my new school.

SimArchitect: Thank you for allowing us to interview you.
New Style Architect: Always for Simarchitect!

SimArchitect would like to thank New Style Architect (once again) for allowing us to interview him.